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child rain puddle leaf

Rainy Weather and Recess

Dressing for the Weather 

Parents and Guardians,

While we want our children to be outside as much as possible at recess, it looks like we may have some inside recess days as our winter rainy season seems to be settling in. On inside recess days, students generally stay in their classrooms engaging in social games, playing, drawing, reading, and teacher activities set out for students. We also try and open up the gym for grade groups.

As mentioned, we want our students outside exercising, and getting fresh air. We strive for “outside recess” days as much as possible. Please send your child to school every day dressed for outside activity and play. Children should have rain jackets, suitable rain footwear/boots. Umbrellas are ok too; please remind your child about appropriate umbrella use.

It is recommended that students keep an extra pair of socks in their backpack so that no one has uncomfortably wet feet during the day. Parents of primary students may want to send a change of clothes so that outside play doesn’t become inside discomfort, and impact learning.

Thank you for supporting your child to have a successful day of learning and play, even when the weather isn't quite cooperating.


Philip Jungen

Interim Principal