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PAC Special Funding Requests - update following general meeting

The following message is from our Deep Cove PAC:

Hello Deep Cove Families,

PAC is pleased to announced the approved special funding requests for 2022-23. We had a budget of $25,000. We want to thank the parents, teachers and administrators who attended the General PAC Meeting (Oct 19) where the SFR voting took place. 

PAC funded approved requests:

Library Seating $3,216

Science Venture $1,350

Online Math Program $2,428.65

Growing Young Farmers $1000

Toys for Gr 1 classrooms $1,500

Gym Equipment $1,000

Hokki Stools & Ease Books 3,000

Butterfly Larvae Kits $450

School Sound System $570

3 Crows performance $1,305

Maple Man $850

Sports Jerseys $1,300

Total: $17,969.65


Requests funded/shifted to the school budget, as well as the Ministry Affordability Fund:

-dance club (student fees) $500

-sports busing (student fees)  $1,000

-field trips (student fees) $4,500

-Swim Club (student fees) $500

-4/5 maturation education with Island Health $240

-special art student supplies $750

Total: $7,490

Thank you again for your help and support in our fundraising efforts. SAVE THE DATE! We are looking forward to our Christmas Fair fundraiser on Friday December 2, where we can raise funds for the 2023-24 special funding requests. 


Your Deep Cove PAC